Wellbeing Gift Set
  • Wellbeing Gift Set

    In this wonderful set allow us to comfort you on a physical, emotional and an energetic level with our Magnesium Oil, Aphrodite Rose Remedy and Fire meditation oil. All three of these products work together synergistically to support you on every level.


    Physical - Our magnesium oil is transdermally applied onto your skin, giving you a boost of the wellbeing nutrient whilst also supporting muscle function and physically forcing your muscles to relax. It also improves sleep function, your stress response and the calming scent of lavender & patchouli will move you into a space of centred calm.


    Emotional - Our Aphrodite Rose Flower Remedy is a gentle heart opener containing the energy of the rose flower. To be used in moments of stress, upset or just as general emotional support, used throughout the day she will soothe and uplift your heart and soul.


    Energetic - Our Fire Meditation Oil is here to ignite your internal fire, during your meditation practice or as a daily support throughout our cold winter months. All three of these products are infused with Reiki, which is healing life force energy which passes through the products onto you.

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