Aunt Flo's drinking chocolate
  • Aunt Flo's drinking chocolate



    Designed with heavy periods in mind this drinking chocolate features raw cacao, nettle and raspberry (nothing else!). Absolutely no sweetners or dairy! So feel free to sweeten it exactly how you like and serve it with whatever milk should take your fancy. Our founder’s favourite is making it with a rich coconut milk and sweetening with muscovado sugar.


    We recommend you have a cup of hot chocolate every day for 7 before you bleed and an additional 7 days once your period has begun. If you make them using 2 tsp of our chocolate, a jar will last you a month. But you’ll need two jars if you’re making them at the super strength level of 4 tsp per cup.


    Nettle and cacao are high in iron and you’ll really notice the taste when you make a super-strength batch. If you’re having heavy periods and feel like you need more iron this taste will feel incredibly nourishing.

    Ingredients: Theobroma cacao (raw cacao), Urtica dioica (nettle) and Rubus idaeus (raspberry leaf).

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