The start of something new

I'm so excited to be launching this blog, it's something that's been on our agenda for a while but we've never quite found the time to prioritise it. Now that we are spending so much more time at home and collective stress is at an all time high, there is no better time to launch it than right now.

This is going to be our new journal full of seasonal rituals, herbal recipes, healing modalities, hows to's and wellness tips to guide you through the wheel of the year with a focus on natural living. Once a month we'll be interviewing some of our favourite brands that we have brought on board for our conscious lifestyle store, to help you get to know them better and provide an insight as to why we choose to work with them.

We'll be focusing on ways for you to feel more in tune with natures rhythm by working with the elements, whilst nourishing and soothing your soul. It is such a pleasure to have you along with us.

Hope your having a calm and restorative start to this new year, and you're staying safe where ever you are.

Bobbie x

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