Our Story

Om Shanti Alchemy began in a time of crisis when Bobbie, our founder and formulator, was in search of something to turn to after her mental health took a turn for the worst. Frequently having to deal with anxiety, panic attacks and dissociation, Bobbie propelled herself onto a path of natural recovery, fuelled by extensive research, and an innate passion for healing. Her research, alongside conversations with holistic and health professionals, revealed new approaches to personal recovery, leading Bobbie to begin exploring and practicing different kinds of meditation, along with yoga, herbalism and aromatherapy. These elements, in combination, continue to drive her recovery today, and the knowledge she has gained along this path has elevated her awareness of the importance of self-care and wellbeing. It is a combination of these fundamental healing elements which lies at the heart of our philosophy at Om Shanti Alchemy, and has been distilled into each of our bottles, jars and packages. 
Battling with mental health issues acted as a catalyst for Bobbie to begin training in Reiki, Aromatherapy and Crystal healing. Experimenting with the integration of these practices, she began to develop products for her own personal use, products that she would turn to when she was feeling frazzled and overwhelmed, which would return her to a state of calm. These products steadily evolved into a daily self-care ritual that was the predecessor to Om Shanti Alchemy. 
Speaking with honesty and clarity about her experiences with anxiety, Bobbie opened up conversations with people from all walks of life who had been dealing with similar struggles, often with nowhere to turn. What began as the simple sharing of healing practices with an intimate group of people, has now expanded into a brand designed with positive wellbeing at its forefront. We feel passionate about spreading as much healing energy as possible. Our products are designed to nourish and soothe your soul, their creation has been underpinned by our understanding of the recovery-process, and the appreciation of self-care rituals that we’ve gained over the years. Each product is kind to both your skin and the earth, helping you fall more in tune with nature's rhythm.
Our intention is to shift your state of being into a sense of centred calm, you can reach for our offerings as a mindful honouring to yourself. We believe with daily practices of mindfulness and self-care, self-love, inner trust and ritual we can start to change the way we speak too and see ourselves. 
"So if you want to change a belief or perception, you have to first change your state of being. And changing your state of being means changing your energy, because in order for you to affect matter, you have to become more energyand less matter, more wave and less particle. That requires you to combine a clear intention and an elevated emotion - those are the two ingredients." - Joe Dispenza