Are your products handmade? 

Yes! Every product is handmade by Bobbie in Wales, in small batches no bigger than 10. 

Is everything you make natural?

Yes, we take the purest plant derived ingredients that we can find. This includes oils, waxes, butters, essential oils, CO2 extracts, salts & herbs and never any artificial or synthetic ingredients. We don't use any SLS, parabens, fragrance, petrolium or anything similar in any of our products. 

Are your products vegan and cruelty free?

All our products are cruelty free, we work closely with our suppliers to ensure that none of our ingredients have been tested on animals and the supply chain is ethical. We have one product which is not vegan - this is our Anahata Bath Soak as this contains honey powder. We believe honey to be an incredible resource for the skin as it is naturally soothing and hydrating, whilst balancing bacteria on the skin. The honey powder we use has been harvested sustainably and on a small scale. All our other products are 100% vegan. 

What is your comittment to sustainability?

We constantly strive to be as ethical and as sustainable as possible. This means being vigilant about who our suppliers are and who we work with, we specifically work with one main supplier who is Leaping Bunny certified which is the only globally recognised guarantee that a brand has made a genuine commitment to ending animal testing for its products and certified companies must meet rigorous criteria to gain the official cruelty free status. They also trade directly with growers and farmers where they can and support suppliers who promote community trade and provide benefits within the communities that they work with. All our products are packaged in glass, with some plastic elements we are looking at phasing out. Unfortunately there are not many options out there currently for spray atomisers and pipettes but this is something we are constantly researching. 

All of our packages are sent in entirely plastic free packaging. If you order wholesale from us, there may be some plastic in your order - we like to reuse bubble wrap etc that has been sent with our glass bottles and we encourage you to do the same. There is no excuse for single use. 

We are also currently setting up a returns scheme where you will receive discount from your next order if you send your bottles and jars back to us. We did hope to have this up and running by now,  but with the knock on effect of Covid 19 it has unfortunately been proved harder than we imagined. We encourage you to re-use your jars and bottles, they are a beautiful amber colour and are perfect for small bunches of flowers or storing herbs in.

What are your thoughts on self care being a buzz word?

The term self care has been kind of commercialised, for brands to push products and raise sales - there is now sometimes a bad association that comes with it and it has become a buzz word. When we say our products have been designed with self care and mindfulness at the heart, we are not saying you should omit going to therapy, not set clear boundaries, not sit with your emotions and observe your feelings or spend time outside to reground with nature an to just buy our products instead. We believe there is always a root cause to any feeling of being uncentered, this could be trauma, stress, lack of sleep or any kind of trigger that effects you - buying our products (or anyones) is not going to fix this for you. However they have been designed to be used when you need a little helping hand, to help you step into the centred place within yourself (where we believe the real healing takes place) or as a form of relief from the stress around you. We also believe self care to be completely subjective, you define your self care practice and it is for no one to dictate to you. Everyone's self care practice looks completely different based on their situation and lifestyle. It is a sacred ritual you develop with yourself. 

Why does the magnesium oil tingle/itch/sting? 

This is a feeling which is most likely due to having low magnesium levels in your body, it is our bodies way of showing that we need it. If it is very uncomfortable, feel free to wash it off after 30 minutes as this is how long the magnesium needs to be absorbed but for most people it stops after a minute or so. You can also dilute the magnesium oil further, by spraying a few pumps into your hand and adding a carrier oil such as coconut or olive. Mix together then rub in as normal, build up to using the magnesium oil neat as the week progresses. Your body should soon adjust and you will no longer feel a tingle sensation. 

What is magnesium used for? 

Magnesium is known as the wellbeing nutrient. It works to support relaxation and sleep quality, provides relief from muscle aches and tension, and reduce tiredness and fatigue. We prefer to use transdermal magnesium as it is sprayed directly onto the skin, completely bypassing the digestive system where it can be poorly absorbed. This way we also get the aromatherapy benefits of the essential oils which have been added to the product to help aid relaxation.

Are your products safe for use in pregnancy?

Most of our products contain essential oils which are deemed not safe to be using in pregnancy, unless you gain permission from your health care professional. Our one product which is completely essential oil free is our Calendula Butter - it contains no fragrance what so ever and smells naturally of the cacao. 

Are your products organic?

We always try to source and use organic unrefined ingredients, but not every product is 100% organic. This is due to there not being organic options for some ingredients currently, however we are always looking out for when we can upgrade these and have every intention of being 100% organic in the future. We have indicated in the ingredients on the product which ingredient is organic for full transparency. 

Why have you spelt women's "womxn's"?

Womxn is a word which is inclusive of trans and non binary women, we celebrate and welcome all womxn identifying people into this space. 

We are always adding to our FAQ's but if there is anything you would like to find out, please email us directly at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.