Om Shanti Alchemy 


Products designed to Nourish & Soothe your Soul 

Natural plant based offerings based around the principles of mindfulness and self care 

Who We Are


Infused with the Sacred Frequencies of Mantras, Reiki & Geometry

We offer consciously created life enhancing products which are always natural, sustainably sourced and infused with the sacred frequencies of mantras, reiki energy and geometry. 

These one of a kind formulations are designed with self-care and mindfulness at the heart, to be included as part of your daily soul nourishment.

Using the natural world around us as a guide and aid, we take the highest quality plant botanicals and create products to help you fall more in tune with natures rhythm. 


Introducing our

{ miniature } range  

Our intention is to shift your state of being into a sense of centred calm, you can reach for our offerings as a mindful honouring to yourself. We believe with daily practices of mindfulness and self-care, self-love, inner trust and ritual we can start to change the way we speak too and see ourselves. 




“I have a very stressful life and the oil helps me relax and have a restful sleep, I

find that if I don't use it I'm not rested at all.”


Plastic free packaging 

All our products are packaged in 100% plastic free, fully recyclable packaging. They are gift wrapped in acid & bleach free white tissue paper, the joining sticker is printed with plant based ink and our compliment slips are made from paper created out of disposable coffee cups. 

Each one gets adorned with a hand written note from us, along with dried flowers and secured with eco paper parcel tape.

If you would like to include a note in your order please just select yes from the drop down menu on the product page, and we will hand write this out onto our compliment slip so you are able to gift straight away, or send directly to your loved ones address.


Small Batch 

All our products are made in batches of 10 to ensure we use the freshest botanical oils and ingredients.


Wales, UK

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